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PF 5/30/22 lotta wind, but...

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north side. really blowing outa the south. that's why i didnt hit GT, especially on a holiday wkend...
cast my way to 1st mini-dock. wind blowing rollers, making it difficult to fish. i usually raise my rod tip to keep the front of the lure on top, with less getting forced underwater by waves..
but it was really blowing. started walking back to truck and found a small area less influenced by wind. and landed one! what a thrill! lol

hit the southside and the minidock in SE corner. coupla tentative strikes.

then people started showing up. got crowded. heck. did meet a kayaker who happens to be an ABFer! we talked fishing and music. his son wails like SRV!

no further topwater activity. in fact, i didnt see anyone else catch anything for the coupla hours i was at PF.

i split. 4 strikes. 1 landed.

GT tomorrow!!!!
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