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[glb]2003 WGP Autococker $300[/glb]

I've played paintball for 15 years and can tell you this is a great marker.  I'm selling it because I don't have time to Fish, Play Paintball, and take care of a 6 mo old.  :'(

It's in excellent condition.  It' the fastest semi-automatic marker I've shot.  :eek:  I've had the timing adjusted by Brad Nestle of Houston.  He works in the air smith booth (Air Gun Designs) during the National Tournaments.  

Hinge trigger, Shocktech 3-way, 14" System X barrell.  This gun is very accurate.  I have not had any problems with it.  I take care of my stuff; so this baby has been cleaned and oiled after each use.  ;)  

If you would like to see it, we can meet and shoot some paint through it.  I wanted to share with you guys before I post on Craigslist.  8)

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