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"Way back when" I started fishing (30 years ago) I exclusively used Lew's rods and reels. At that time I purchased a few of the then new BB1N reels (10 to be exact) and was (and still are) very happy with them. After being away from the sport for over 20 years, I decided to get back into it about 3 years ago. Pulled out my old rods and reels bought a boat and got back to fishing. I found out that my favorite reels were no longer made and in an effort to make sure I had enough repair parts in the event of breakage, I found EBay & bought more reels. Since using my old reels for 3 years now, I am convinced that they will never break and I don't need so many "repair parts" hanging around so I am selling the ones I am not currently using. $40.00 each.

All of these reels are in good shape, not new but still very usable. I have had them all on a rod and at the water at one time or another.

email me if interested [email protected]

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