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Man this boat rides nice. We took out the boat on Georgetown after church. 6 people in the boat and still had plenty of room. I need to get past this break in period. The wife actually liked the ride, but my Riley was hanging on for dear life. I asked if she was ready to go back out and she said yes? Kids are strange.

We got home and got ready for the Church Bass Club meeting and childrens choir and shopping. I wanted to go out again, and Austin was calling my name. I made it out on the lake at 815pm. Made it to the first light close to 360 and one chaser and that was it. Second light I broke out the 10xd and started throwing past the light and bringing the lure back in on the edges of the light. Boom solid 4lber... Owner comes out and started chunking a lightweight spinning combo and pulled in a nice fish. We spoke and he was real nice. I reeled in one more off the light and let him fish his light. I needed more motor break in time anyway. I headed up to the next lights that I like and threw the 10xd in 4ft of water and boom solid 6lber. Fish was 22" long. I left that light and hit a new light and caught another 22" 6lber. Slimming the boat felt good. Big 5 went right around 22lbs. Why can't I do that on Wednesdays?

Great night on the water. Boat ran well. It is so nice to have that full windshield.

Yummy 10xd. Thank you Puma for a rod that makes it easy to reel those lures all night.
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