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Well, since it is technically the off season (I'm still fishing), I made an appointment with Jim (MobileMercMan) to nit-pick some things on my motor and replace the fuel line with a more ethanol resistant line. While there I was talking about how I needed to clean the bilge. Some oil had obviously gotten spilled over the years and the wires running to everything back there were a rat's nest and the bilge just needed some TLC. Cleaning the bilge and overhauling it was one of those things that I've wanted to do since I got the boat this summer but I am more of a fisherman than a boat mechanic, and it was a little intimidating given the amount of work that obviously needed to be done. Not to mention, if I had free time I was fishing not working on the boat.

I talked to Jim about overhauling the bilge, he said let's do it, and with his help we were able to get it done yesterday. We got EVERYTHING out of the bilge and cleaned that sucker and everything that was in it (Grez-Off is THE BOMB). We then re-secured the batteries and re-ran the wires for a cleaner look and much more practical layout. We also removed some old transducer cables from the old fish finder and other random wires that were just adding to the rat's nest. All in all, we ended up spending about 4 hours cleaning the bilge (and detailing the motor) and boy was it worth it. It is almost like having a new boat back there. I can access everything much better now and the wires are divided up as they should be. If something stops working in the future I can get to it and address the problem or replace that item without having to scratch my head about what goes where. Plus, I feel like I understand the inner workings of my boat so much better, which is important. After all, we run these boats hard and problems occur out on the lake and not just at the ramp. Being able to understand how to fix things can be a safety issue and I have much more peace of mind in that regard.

For those of you who don't know Jim, he's a great guy. Super nice and super professional and it was a pleasure working with him. Also, and I mean this as a compliment, the man is OCD about getting things organized and doing things the right way. He raised my game yesterday when it comes to taking care of your boat.

If you need a bilge makeover or are having any issues with your Mercury outboard, I highly recommend MobileMercMan.

Thanks again Jim!
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