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HHJ has the details.  I think 10 teams fished, so two places were paid.

Duke had 2 fish for 6.4lbs
HHJ and Partner had 3 fish for 6.5lbs and second place.  
Alan and Kent had 3 fish for 11+lbs and big bass of 7.5lbs

Rumor has it that HHJ brought another questionable fish to the scale, which was soon released after a courtesy check.

I had big bass, again in HHJ's water   :D   While retrieving my camera, HHJ released the fish in the lake    :(   Just for that, I will continue to fish your water.

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Good to see everyone.  We managed 3 keeps and several unders. Fishing wasnt exactly on fire for anyone it seemed.  

I did get another courtesy check thanks jjam, and Alan im sorry I threw that fish back I figured no one had a camera guess I got a little excited when I saw that the final sack before mine was 6.3lbs.

The people that weighed in fish go as follows:
1) Alan, Kent 11.4 B.B.- 7.5
2) H.H.J., Chris 6.4
3) Duke 6.3
4) Steve 5.4

Thanks for everyone that showed next tournament will be held on Oct 18th.

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Fishing was slow for us. We had two keeps. Of course if I could set a hook on the fish we might have been pretty good. Topwater blow-ups cause premature ejac....... I mean hooksets. Pause one blink then set the hook. ;)

Skipped the weigh in for good reason plus my brother who fished with me had to get back to the lovely town of Houston.

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