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Lake: O.H. Ivie
Date: 8-9 June 2010
Weather: Partly cloudy in the mornings clearing to Mostly sunny mid day through to the evening.  Moderate morning & evening temps in the hi 70's-mid 80's.  Hot in the 90's during the mid day.
Water Conditions:  21 foot low, Temps around 80-81 degrees in the Bull Hollow and Elm Creek arms.  Water was nice and clear to light stain.

Well I got a few days off work during the week and decided to check out O.H. Ivie for the first time.  Didn't get on any of the monsters that have been pulled out of there but had a good time checking out new waters and pulling in a few fish.  Got on a nice schooling bite and top water bite in mornings using flukes.  When the schooling action slowed down I was able to pick off a few singles in shallower waters with a yellow majic.  Seems the bite died down in the mid day and picked back up in the late afternoon through evening.  Managed to hook up a few on a C-rigged fluke in and along Hydrilla in about 13ft of water in Elm and Bull Creek.  One of the notable moments of the trip was catching my first 2-fer on a double fluke rig.  

If you are on the fence about going to O.H. Ivie I'd say block off some time and just do it.  Go during the week and avoid the weekend crowd if you can.  I Had a great time despite not really getting into any huge ones this time around.  It was so peaceful and quiet out there in the middle of nowhere.  I really relaxed and kept a lazy pace which made for a really good get away.  Here's some info and recommendations based off my experience going there.  Of course this is based off personal experience and opinion.  Others results and opinions my vary.

  • Lodging: Stayed at the Elm Creek Village.  Jerry the owner is very nice and takes care of you.  The rooms were on par if not better than other "fishing hotels" (as I call them).  For example: Much better than the Bass In at Choke Canyon and better than the Cabins at Jackson Hill on Sam Rayburn.  It cost about 50-60 bucks a night.  Be sure to ask for the newer 'blue' cabins on the hill.  They have a small store and grill that serves up breakfast and burgers.   It's also conveniently located by the Kennedy Park Ramp.  The ramp is nice, well lit with 3 lanes and has a small loading dock.  
  • Trip Route:  The drive from Austin was nice.  I really enjoy hill country drives.  Highway 29 to Llano, then 87 to Brady, and FM 503 to FM 1929 to the Elm Creek Village.  Oh and don't forget to stop in Llano's for some Coopers BBQ, yum!
  • Logistics:  The cabin I stayed in (#19) was a standard room with 2 double beds, shower stall in the bathroom, and had a small kitchenette with a small fridge.  We ate at the grill or made cold sandwiches most of the time.  If you want to cook then pack your pots, pans, and food items.  I'd recommend a cooler food since the fridge is small and you'll be quite a ways from a grocery store.  Fuel up in Brady, TX to save a few cents.  But if you forget Jerry has an Unleaded and Diesel pump in front of the store for slightly higher than in town prices.
My "2-fer" and a couple others

Dumping the RudeHo in O.H. Ivie at the Ramp at Kennedy Park.

Beautiful Sunset on O.H. Ivie

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I bet everytime you set the hook you were hoping for that toad! I know I would be after seeing all those fish coming out of there! ONE OF THESE DAYS I WILL make it out there.

Nice report and nice sunset pic no doubt.

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Just love that name......."Rude Ho"..........awesome. At any rate, nice report. I'll prolly check it out this fall. I admit it, I'm a wimp and can't stand this heat right now. I want to spend a couple of at Ivie worrying about what lure I'm going to throw instead of the heat.
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