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Did the majority of my fishing this weekend in the mornings from 5:30am-9am off of a dock in the channels near the JFK bridge. Wind was real bad this weekend, so we stay out of the boat. Solunar tables said it would be rough weekend, but I did ok.

Caught 20+ trout fishing green lights, twitching a Pink DOA. Only got 2 keepers that way. Twice I caught trout on back to back to back casts. Pretty fun! Almost all were 12-13 inches SO CLOSE! The biggest fish I caught were on croakers under a cork, but that bite was SLOW, so I let that croakers soak and kept myself busy with the DOA. I got one ladyfish with a new penny/chartreuse gulp. The bite was a lot better during twilight than in the dark or in the evening. Once the sun came up, bite was better with cloud cover than sun.

TONS of weed on the beach, and enough in the water to make surf fishing not worth it. Tide was high, and undertow was strong. Clarity was a bout 18 inches. Water was nice and green on Friday but the wind had it greenish brown by Saturday.

Also, every... single... bait shop was out of shrimp all weekend long, until we left on Sunday. Annoying! Heard there was a tourney going on. Still, I came home with enough fish for a good meal. It just took a lot of work and a lot of dinks to get there.

I did have a close encounter with a dolphin. Swam right by the dock! Bad fishing, but pretty cool.

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