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This is a team bass fishing tournament to be taken place in the state of Texas on the days of Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd between the hours of 6PM and 6AM standard time.

Rules are as follows:

Legal fish: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Guadalupe Bass, Spotted Bass

The winning team will be awarded based on the combined weight of 5 fish. Lake slot limits DO APPLY where applicable. Any evidence of breaking such slot limit laws will result in disqualification.

Any sort of "cheating" that is observed including, but not limited to, unlawfaul capture of fish, unethical ownership of caught fish, and untimely capture of fish will result in disqualification of the guilty.

No fish under 12'' will be accepted.

All legal bait is fair game, but the use of live bait is discouraged.

Teams of 2-4 people are accepted, $25 entry fee per person.

The top three teams will be awarded 96% of the combined entry fees in that 1st place will receive 70%, 2nd place will receive 20%, and 3rd place will receive %6. The remaining 4% will goto the tournament directors to help cover any material costs.

Tournament entry fees must be turned in before any team member fishes. No IOU's

Any teams not complete in attendance at 6PM at the designated starting point and not complete in attendance at the designated weigh-in point at 6AM will be disqualified. Arrive early to check-in.

Starting point is at the West Austin High School parking lot at 6PM sharp. (tennis courts)

Weigh-in will also be at the West Austin High School parking lot at 6AM sharp. (tennis courts)

The use of boats is permitted.

Entry fees are non-refundable once tournament time has started.

Tie-breakers will be determined by the largest fish caught by all tied participants.

The use of trot-lines is prohibited.

Rules may be changed or dropped (based on mutual agreement of participants) prior to but not during any tournament. If a rule has been changed, it will be posted at least one day in advance of the tournament.

Sponsors and the tournament director are not responsible for damage, loss, injury or any other incidental issues that occur as a result of participation in the tournament. Anyone over the age of 21 must inquire before entering the tournament.

Contact either Drew or Taylor for more information and RSVP with team count and team name.

Drew: 512-657-4321 [email protected]
Taylor: 512-971-1540 [email protected]

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You can be any age, even over 21, we just need people that are over the age of 21 to check in just because we dont want any professional fisherman coming in and dominating the tournament.. We originally wanted the tournament to exclude the use of live bait, but since we will have no way to ensure that, we will level the playing field and allow it. The post doesnt designate which lake because there is no designated lake. Any lake is fair game that you are willing to travel to as long as you can make it back in time for the weigh in at 6AM the following day.

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And once you weigh those fish in, where do you plan on releasing them? Transporting game fish from one impoundment into another is illegal. And with the weather being so hot, livewell water is gonna get warm as well resulting in dead fish. Aerated or not. What if someone brings fish in from Travis? That is a long drive with them sloshing in the livewells and not having recirculating water. I see many dead fish in the future.

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Now before anyone thinks differently I must clarify a little somethin-somethin'.

I called Taylor and spoke with him regarding ambiguity of the rules and such. Yes Taylor, it was I that called around 2:00 p.m. 8)

The target audience for this event is High School and College aged people/anglers hence "Check in if over 21".

The idea is to promote fishing in a fun tourney sort of fashion.

Anyone can fish it.  We can even form a 4 member team combining our best 5 fish to weigh in  8).  With a $25 entry fee it doesn't seem to be a money T, just a fun T in hopes that younger anglers will catch the bug  ;).

Take off and weigh in is at Austin High, right next to Town Lake (which is also a legal body of water to fish  ;)).

Looks to be a fun event.

I'm sure there's enough of us at ABF that may be able to make an appearance to help promote the local fishing  whether it be Boat, Kayak, or Bank 8).
(my prob is that I have FOM that Sat so may not be able to help appear  :-/).

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