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New to ABF

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Greeting everyones. I just wanted to introduce myself. I just picked up a 14ft Sea Eagle with a 40lb trolling motor and want to get back into fishing around Central Texas. I live in San Marcos and as a teacher/coach, I'll have plenty of time free this summer. Hopefully, I can find some people who are interested in getting some time on the water. Send me a message if anyone is interested and tight lines folks.

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Welcome JG. Great place to learn the area as well as pick up lots of tips. You wont have a problem meeting lots of good guys that are looking for a backseat ;)


PS This will probably be moved to the Misc section soon. They try to keep the reports section open to strictly fishing reports.
Welcome, If you need help just someone will have an answer rigth, wrong, inderfrent. Lots Of Luck Mike.
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