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Hello Everyone,

As it applies  to the ABF T on Lake Austin. ( Or any other time you are Fishing Lake Austin )

There has been a discussion, and a specific request from LA APD to all ABFer's.

APD has asked that ALL Bass Boat set the example for obeying all rules of boating on LA.

For one - ALWAYS travel on the Right Side of the Lake. If you want to Fish the other side, slow down and cross over.

Two - If you observe LA APD with their Overhead Lights on talking to a Wakeboard boat  ;D,  Please slow down and pass so that you Do Not Wake their boats together.
( This is the same rule for the street. You must slow down or change lanes when a officer has pulled over another vehicle )

Third - From now on, a strict Number system launch will be implemented for the LA T's out of City Park.  ( This is to not have 10 boats running on all sides of the lake. )

Fourth, There is NO speed limit on LA, however You Must run a Responsible Speed for the Conditions that Exist!!  

Guys, LA APD has specifically asked us to set the example for the rest of the Boaters out there. We must step up and accept there request.

LA APD has said they are going to strongly enforce the Lake Rules for Austin, and I think we can all agree, that this will benefit LA fishing.

Thanks for your attention to this issue.

Comments welcome below.


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Robby Crabb said:
 That lake scares me to death sometimes!!!
Ecspecially around 3:00pm on the weekend. Im glad to hear their stepping up enforcement. I also think they should stay out after dark and get people who dont turn and leave their lights on. This isnt just Austin but every lake out there. Its amazing to me how many people will run a lake in complete darkness without running lights.
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