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I’ve been taking a break from fishing this Christmas weekend. Celebrating Christmas and enjoying time with my parents and family, not to mention dodging the cold. But this afternoon was too nice, so I snuck out for an hour and a half to try out my new fishing gloves.

The gloves were nice on the bike ride down the hill, however, they were not needed for the actual fishing. As I rode down to the water’s edge, I saw a young man throw a cast net in the pond and I thought, “I hope he hasn’t wrecked the whole bank with that net.”

Since there is really nothing wrong with what he was doing, I did not mention the net. I asked him if he had caught anything. He said that he had caught (and I assume released) a small bass, so I wished him luck and parked my bike on the other side of the “flipping tree”.

I cast a finesse worm into the bluegill spawning flat. I was hopping it back when it was inhaled by a (for this pond) fun-fish. The young man came over to see. I explained to him how I caught the fish and told him I was going to take a selfie and put the fish back. He went back to his gear.

I cast back out and hooked into another small bass. The fish jumped off half way to the bank. I looked up and the young man was walking towards me with his gear. He asked if he could fish the same area and I insisted that he do so. He showed me the lures he got for Christmas, so we went through the boxes. I selected a 2/0 EWG hook and a 3” grub from his stuff. There were no bullet weights in his boxes, so I gave him a couple of mine and tied him up a Texas Rig. I asked about his shirt and he told me he was a sophomore at Hendrickson. He said he had been saltwater fishing and now he wanted to learn bass fishing.

This made me very happy to see a polite young man taking up such a great past time. I told him I hoped to see him again at the pond and wished him Merry Christmas. Off at 3:30PM.
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I’m not too far from this pond myself. I fished it today with no luck. I did find a new strike king deep diving crank stuck in the tree where you’re at. I really like finding what other people leave behind. I usually get a good laugh at the lures/rigs I find in the trees.
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