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I haven't had much time for fishing lately and hate to just jump on here and post for sale things, but thought my home may be just what some fisherman is looking for; especially if you're sick of HOA's, lack of storage, or too far from the lake.

This home is just on the edge of Cedar Park off of 1431.  One mile from the home is the Sandy Creek arm of Travis.  I can tell you offline how to make use of that for boating.  It's also a short drive to Jones Bros. park or even Gloster Bend if desired.  5 wooded acres, storage/barn that was originally built as a boat shelter, and nice big modern house.  Property is completely fenced and has a nice big driveway making it easy for quick trailer hookup and parking.  Setup for horses as well  Check it out and pass it on to anyone in the market for a new home.  Video tour:
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