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Cleaned out my Spinnerbait box.  Put in my new Revenge spinnerbaits and buzzbaits and had these left over.

This lot is 5 1oz Yamamoto custom made spinner baits.  The GYCB spinnerbaits have Gamakatsu hooks, Sampo swivels and high quality blades and skirts.  These are BRAND NEW.  I never got around to using them.  Just use the skirts, change the blades, change the skirts, whatever.  These are good spinnerbaits that will definitely catch fish.  These blades retail for $7 ea.  I added another small blade spinner bait, a buzz bait from Reaction Innovations, and a chatter bait type lure to this lot.

So 5 Yamamoto NEW spinnerbaits- $15 (nominal delivery fee if outside the acceptable delivery range)

If you want different blades for any of the baits, just let me know.  I have a bunch of different blades, and I'll throw a few in!  :D

Thanks for helping me clean out the garage, my wife thanks you also.

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