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Navionics HotMaps Premium South Chips

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I have two Navionics HotMaps Premium South chips for sale for $60.00 each. One is version 1.19, the other 1.20 but I can't see a difference between them.
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I am pretty sure that the chips are from 2008. I do not have a list of lakes but I can tell you that it is most every lake around here that any of us have fished. Here is some information I pulled from the web. I will keep searching for a list of lakes.

Product Description

Technical Features:
- Lake Maps
- Coverage Of Following Areas
- Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas
- 3 Levels
- Department Of Natural Resources Maps
- HotMaps
- HD Maps
- 16 Crystal Clear Zoom Levels
- Over 12, 000 Total Lake Maps
- Contains Complete Fishing Infromation
- Adittional Structures
- Major Secondary & Minor Roads
- Improved Geo Referenced
- Improved Fishing Hot Spots
- County Lines
- Over 460 HD Lake Maps
- 30x Greater Detail Then DNR Charts
- High Definition 1' Contours Accuracy
- Allows You To Note Even Minute Changes In Bottom Contours
- Marina's, Resturants, Bridges, Marshes All Marked
- Water Hazrards With Depth Markers
- Individual Boat Docks Are Displayed
- Based ON Navionics' Own On-The-Water Survey
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Here is a list of lakes on the 2010 card. I am pretty sure that most, if not all of these are on the 2008 card with the difference being that some of the lakes on the 2010 have been upgraded to HD. LA, Choke, Amistad, Falcon, Henry are all HD on the 2008 card as well as many others.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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