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My buddy's PB at Decker Tuesday am

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Just kidding...
Skipped out on work this morning and headed to Decker because its close. Figured we could run into a few fish with the fronts and cooler weather. Fished from 7 till 11 and probally boated around 20 fish with the biggest coming in around 3 lbs... Fish were caught on tx rigged plastics, spinnerbaits/ cranks over grass, and clear torpedos...It was warm, windy, and humid day but the water has cooled off..( temp gauge no workey for the water right now)
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Beats work anyday that's for sure!

Here's Jukebox's PB for smallest bass ever caught. lol. Had to take a pic to believe it. Got caught on the barb of his hook on a wacky rig one day. lol.

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Those are bigger than any bass I caught today!
wholy cow that crazy, that things so small! ;D

freakin' awesome!
I bet those were some tasty fillets!!!!
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