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I am proud to announce Mud Outdoor Center as the latest sponsor of ABF.  If you guys get a chance, go by and see Danny and check out his shop.  He has the biggest kayak shop and warehouse that I have seen in central Texas.  He can hook you up with a kayak if you are in the market, but the coolest thing is that he will let you demo one before you buy.  He has plenty of gear that is specific to kayak fishing and a great selection of saltwater maps, routes and trails that you can use to get on the bay and start catching redfish and trout.

From the website….
Mud Outdoor Center is a complete kayak sales, rental, repair, and rigging store.  Kayak brands include Ocean Kayak, Necky, Old Town, Native Watercraft, Heritage, Liquid Logic, Emotion, and Hurricane.  Our rental service includes both sit-on-top and sit-inside kayaks by the day not the hour.  If in the sad case a kayak needs to be repaired we do offer plastic welding and other repairs.  From rudder systems on touring kayaks to fishing accessories on angler kayaks, we can take care of all your rigging needs.  
You can demo any kayak we sell and the only way to truly demo a kayak is to car-top it/load it, carry it to the water, paddle it, carry it back to the vehicle, and car-top/load it again.  Demo days are great to have but it only shows how the boat handles in the water.  We offer the total demo package, and we're conveniently located five minutes from the water!
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