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I found a better mouse trap so am selling some stuff...

(2) G Loomis BCR803 GLX 6'8"/MEDHVY: $250.00 each
This may be one of the best all around rods for throwing small to med tx rigs and finesse jigs, retails new for $345.00<>ast_id=1408474395181201&bmUID=1170358463002

G Loomis BCR852 GLX 7'1"/MED: SOLD
retails new for $355.00<>ast_id=1408474395181201&bmUID=1170358463002

G Loomis BCFR863 GLX 7'2"/MEDHVY: SOLD
Great light flipping rod or big jig rod, retails new for $430.00<>ast_id=1408474395181201&bmUID=1170358728516

Above rods are like new.  These rods are from the Jig & Worm series and feature the new titanium recoil guides.  I guarantee if you pick up one of these rods it will be hard to fish with anything else (until you pick up a Megabass  ;))  Loomis has one of the BEST LIFETIME warranties in the industry, you can go online and use their Xpeditor Service and have a brand new stick at your door in 3 days for $50.00 - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  This includes a rod tube and prepaid return label for the broken/damaged rod.

(2) NEW St Croix Premier PGC70MM fiberglass crankbait rods 7'/MED: $70.00
retails new for $110.00

2006 Shimano Calais CL100A: $285.00
99.999% new without box.  This is the top of the line Shimano right under the new digital Calais, one of the best reels out there, retails new for $389.00

I can send pics upon request.

Tom, I got your pm and will call you about the 854.

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If anyone is looking for some "old school" lures from the 60's and 70's let me know. Heddon spooks, River Runts, Lucky 13, Hellbenders, Pico Perch, Thin Fins. Or if you are looking for some hard to find plastics, i might have them. You can throw them on a Lew's Tournament Grade Speed Stick with a the red Ambassador 5000. Got a few of those also. Maybe even a Mitchell 300 from the early 60's (probably have 3).
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