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Mud Outdoor Center - MOC Kayaks presents a Holiday Parking Lot Kayak Sale.

If you have any friends or family in the kayak market, let them know b/c they will save tons of money.

This weekend the 18th & 19th of December only.
Time will be from 10am - 6pm Saturday and 1pm-4pm Sunday.

We will have one of each model of kayak with tons of 2011's on sale for ridiculously reduced prices.

Examples of some models that will be out here-
Trident 11, 13, 15 Angler
Manta Ray 12, 14
Heritage RedFish 10,12,14
Ultimate 12, 14solo, 14.5 tandem
Drifter (OK)
Malibu II XL

Also there will be:
Tribes (Perception)
Scrambler 11 (cheap, cheap, and can angler cheap)

Also sit-in's
Old Town Camden 120
Native Inuit 12.5's (sweet yaks)
Marvel tandems by Native Watercraft

more etc...

Address of the sale:
401 RR 620 North
Lakeway, TX 78734

Open since 2005 we only sale kayaks and paddlesport accessories: we love kayaks and its what we know! And every kayak we sale is made in the USA  ;D

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Hey Jenny, we will have some used ones, but just to let you know our new ones on sale are gonna be similar to used prices.  Some kayaks are over $400 off. Iv'e got one over $600 off.  So it is 1st come... 1st serve tomorrow.

MOC Kayaks
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