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No Bass fishing was attempted but we did saw two of them taking advantage of the free buffet ....

Two years ago almost I wanted to take my son fishing and posted for the first and only time until now ... well that never happened. But as we all know better late than never and this morning we went fishing at the lower falls. First right by the falls a few sunfish (I guess this is what we kept catching) graced us with a few bites. I saved my honor by catching the first one but then took second place in number caught, biggest one and must tangled lines. We had some fun and my son practiced his casting technic for a little while, until two bass I believe (on the small side) saw the open buffet option and came for the minnows. With the clear water it was fun to see them striking around but then they pretty much shut down the bite. We moved down creek a little and found a nice shaded spot with a few deep hole and kept on fishing for an extra two hours catching a bunch more little thing and a few palm sized ones (well 8 yo palm sized ones). In that part of the creek we saw another bass as well as two small catfish, one of them probably a foot long I would say.

My 8 yo had a lot of fun and it has been a really long time since I saw him really calm and focused. I am afraid I will not be able to keep him away from the bass fishing excitement very long. Next week I will have to take the other half of the twin gang to get introduced to this little honey hole.

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