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For Sale: Mathews Outback Compound Bow in excellent cindition with lots if extras. Please refer to Mathews for specifics. This bow is for right handed people- meaning you hold the bow with left hand and draw the string with your right hand.

Included in sale:
Mathew Outback
Mathew Dampened Hard Quiver
Two Wrist Strap Triggers
Extreme Pin Sights
Rigged w/ winner choice cables
Extra set of Barracuda string/cable
6 full metal Jacket Arrows
Tools case w/ rage broadheads
Bow case

This set up would exceed $1500 new, everything offered is in good to excellent condition, im 6' tall and pull around 65lbs and bow works perfect. Im retiring the stick and picking up long rifle. Will take $500

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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