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Guys I am cleaning out a bunch of lures I have never used or barely used. I am calling it a change in fishing philosophy and scaling back.  You need to get this stuff before I change my mind, and I know my friends who see this will think I am crazy because I am a lure junkie.  

The deal is I want to sell everything as a single lot, no picking and choosing.

We are talking about over 65 bags of soft plastics- 67 bags to be exact, but a few bags only have a couple of baits. However, many are unopened or only missing one or two lures.  Brands include GrandeBass, Zoom, Berkley, Lake Fork Tackle, Pro's Choice, Yamamoto, Wave Worm, BPS House Brand, Net Bait, Bass Assassin, YUM, Storm, Hag's Tornados, and Cabela's house brand.  I am selling rattlesnakes, mutants, trick worms, toads, trailers, Kriet Kreatures, paddle tubes, grubs and other types of plastics.

We're also talking about crankbaits, 93 crankbaits to be exact.  Brands include Rapala, H2O (many of these), Storm, Norman, Rat-L-Trap, Bomber, Mann's, Cotton Cordell, Bandit, and Rebel.  Most have never seen water and are in like new condition.

The entire list of everything I am selling is a full 5 pages long.

I am posting this on a couple other local fishing forums and I will deliver in Austin (within reason).

The price is $200, which comes out to approximately $1.34 per lure or bag of soft plastics.  If you want a complete list of what I am selling, PM me your email address.  You won't be disappointed!!!!



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Ok, I am going to see if I can get the entire list in a post...

GrandeBass Honcho, Trophy Hunter, 7 baits
GrandeBasss Rattlesnake, Ssabednarg, 7 baits
GrandeBass Rattlesnake, Trophy Hunter, 5 baits
GrandeBass Baby Rattlesnake, Ssabednarg, 12-13 baits
GrandeBass, Mega Chunk 2.75”, Bruised Crawdad, 8 baits
GrandeBass, Mutant, Bad Blue, unopened
Hag’s Tornado F5, Storm Chaser, unopened
Big Bite Baits Worms 10” (Maybe Kreit tail Worm) Watermelon seeds (5 worms left)
YUM Ribbontail Worm 7.5”, Junebug (12 worms)
YUM Ribbontail Worm 7.5” ,Watermelon Seed (13 worms)
YUM Craw Bug, 3.25”, Crawdad, 6 baits
Storm Rattle Hot Craw Tube 3.5”, Green Crawdad color (8 tubes)
Zoom Swimming Chunk, Green Pumpkin, 9 chunks
Zoom Swimming Chunk, Rootbeer Pepper/Green, 10 chunks (unopened)
Zoom Swimming Chunk, Black Blue Flake, 9 baits
Zoom Baby Brush Hawg, Pumpkin, 2 packs- 1unopened, 8 baits in other pack
Zoom Baby Brush Hawg, Junebug, unopened
Zoom Baby Brush Hawg, Watermelon Red, 5 baits
Zoom Baby Brush Hawg, Watermelon Blue, 8 baits
Zoom Brush Hawg, Watermelon Orange Flake, unopened
Zoom Horny Toad, Watermelon Red, 3 baits
Zoom Horny Toad, Watermelon Green and Orange Flak, 2 baits
Zoom Horny Toad, Green Pumpkin, unopened
Zoom Super Fluke, Green Pumpkin, 6 baits
Zoom Fluke, Baby Bass, 8 baits
Zoom SpeedCraw, Blackberry, unopened
Zoom Small Salty Chunk Trailer, Black Blue Flake, 1 bait
Zoom Small Salty Chunk Trailer, Watermelon, 5 baits
Zoom Finesse Worm, Watermelon Seed, 19 baits
Zoom Finesse Worm, Junebug, unopened
Zoom Finesse Worm, Smokin Shad, unopened
Zoom Fat Albert Grub, Pumpkinseed, 2 packs- 1 unopened, the other has 9 baits
Berkley Chigger Craw 3”, Watermelon, 7 baits
Berkley Chigger Craw 3”, Sapphire Blue, unopened
Berkley Paddle Tubes (Basstrix), 2 Hitch, 2 Shad, 1 Ayu
Paca Chunk, Black/Blue, 2 packs, 5 baits each pack
Paca Chunk, Rootbeer Pepper Green, 4 baits
Riverside Ribbontail worms, Black with Green/Orange Flake, I think unopened
Mister Twister Phenom Worms 6”, Black/Chartreuse Tail, I think unopened
Pro’s Choice Warthawg, Watermelon Gold, at most I only used one or two of these, so 8-9 baits
Pro’s Choice Warthawg, Red Shad, unopened
Big Bite Baits Kreit Kreature 4”, Watermelon Red, unopened
Big Bite Baits Kreit Kreature 4”, Craw/Orange Swirl, unopened
Big Bite Baits Kreit Kreature 4”, Junebug, Unopened
Big Bite Baits Kreit Kreature 4”, Tilapia, unopened
Wave Worm Tiki Stick 5”, Chartreuse Black Flake, unopened
Wave Worm Tiki Stick 5”, Redbug Chartreuse Tip, unopened
Wave Worm Tiki Stick 5”, Black Blue Flake, Blue Tip, unopened
Wave Worm Tiki Stick 5”, Junebug, unopened
Wave Worm Tiki Stick 5”, Red/Shad Laminate, 7 baits
Wave Worm Tiki Snake, Cinnamon Blue Flake, 5 baits
LFT Baby Ring Fry, Watermelon Seed, 11 baits
LFT Ring Fry, Red Bug, unopened
LFT Ring Fry, Pumpkin Pepper, 8 baits
Bass Assasins, Goldenish Shad, 2 packs- 8 baits in one, 9 in the other
Bass Assassin Smokey Shad, 8 baits
Slug-Go, 4.5”, Shad, unopened
Cabela’s Sweet Beaver Knock off 3.75”, Pumpkinseed, 7 baits
Cabela’s Sweet Beaver Knock off 3.75”, Green Pumpkin, unopened
Cabela’s Sweet Beaver Knock off 4.5”, Junebug, 7 baits
Yamamoto 4” Single Tail Grub, Smoke (no Flake), 18 baits
Bass Pro Shops Knock Off Senko, 5 3/8”, Junebug, unopened
Miscellaneous Bag of Case Plastics, about 10 baits


All baits are in like new condition, unless otherwise noted. Most have never been used.


Shallow Shad Rap
-shad (signs of use)
-golden/orange shad (signs of light use)

Deep Runner 8 Shad Rap, silver blue back

Deep Runner Tiny Shad Rap, holographic shad

Fat Rap, Craw


CRS (RC1.5 knockoffs) SHALLOW:
-Red Craw
-Sparkle Red Craw
-Sparkle Bull Bream
-Bull Bream (2)
-Sexy Shad
-Chartreuse Brown Back
-Sexy Chartreuse

-Sexy Shad w/ Watermelon Red back
-Sexy Chartreuse

CRM (RC 2.5 knockoffs) MEDIUM:
-Chartreuse Black Back
-Sparkle Bull Bream
-Sexy Shad

S,M,D series (Bandit Style)
- baby bass
-chartreuse blue back
-chrome black back
-red craw

-chrome blue back
-red craw
-spring craw
-baby bass

D (Deep)
- spring craw (2)
- albino
-sexy shad
-baby bass
-chrome black back

Jerk Baits
-sexy shad
-chrome black back
-gold with black back and orange belly

Sammy Style Topwater Regular
-chrome blue back

Small Sammy Style Topwater
-chrome blue back with fish pattern

Lipless Crank
-purple shad

Shad Rap Style
-baby bass
-chrome blue back

Strike King Red Eye Shad:
-chrome blue back
-red craw
- sexy shad
-olive shad

Bandit 100s
-splatter back (3)
-brown craw

Bandit 200s
-Chartreuse blue splatter back (2)
-baby bass
-brown craw
-red craw

Cabela’s Brand
- shallow running (like a Bandit 100) Tennessee shad
-tennessee shad 200 series
-pearl 200 series
-chartreuse black back 200 series
-pearl shad 200 series (bait has some wear)

Cotton Cordell Jointed Jerk Baits
-chrome blue back
-chrome black back

Rebel Pop-R Tennessee Shad

Flat A:
-chartreuse black back
-spring/red craw

Model A
-brown craw
- Silver black back (signs of use)

Small Model A in firetiger (signs of heavy use, but still in decent shape)

Norman DD14, red craw

Mann’s -1, silver black back

Wiggle Wart Deed, shiner
Wiggle Wart, silver blue back
Shad Rap Style Crank-deep runner, pearl
Rattlin’ Chug Bug, Tennessee Shad


¼ Oz.:
-chrome black back (signs of heavy use, caught lots of fish with these)
-gold black back (2) (signs of use)
- Tennessee shad (3)
- red craw

½ oz.
-Tennessee shad
-chrome blue back (2)
-red craw
-white flake/black back

3 white ½ oz. buzz baits, unused
1 chartreuse ½ buzz bait, unused
Black and blue ¼ oz. Lunker Lure buzz bait

Dozen quarter oz. worm weights (half egg weights, half bullet)

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And Fester, you should know better than to ask silly questions. Oh, and the "new" baits came in. Went to LBL to check them out, see how they run, etc. Didn't expect to catch anything given the conditions and I was throwing each one about a half dozen times max, but I did get bit :cool:. I am HOOKED on these baits. Not for the faint of heart though....
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