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I wanted to bring this event back to your attention, and encourage everyone to try to fish the tournament or come out and support the cause.
Lindsey has been working extremely hard to make this a great tournament for a very good cause. Her passion to get involved with the March of Dimes and March Babies (prematurely born children) derives from her personal experience and passion to make a difference by providing awareness and support through the March of Dimes.
Lindsey will be at the FAN Tournament Meeting Friday April 25th excepting registration and donations.
Again I hope you will consider supporting this event.

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Only one more day!!! We are looking good as far a registration forms and the weather seems like it is going to be great. Give away bags for the first 50 boats to register including zoom baits, JaRod jigs, sonic coupons, hooters coupons and coupons toward a new custom rod. Go to to register or feel free to give me a call at 512-905-2858.

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35 Boats Participated in the First Annual Bassin For Babies on Lake Travis.  Out of those 35, 19 teams weighed in.

1st James Polkinghorn and Chris Ellensohn               16.5 lbs
2nd Michael Roberts and Bobby Amadon at                  13.79 lbs
3rd Trey and Gary Groce at                                      10.61 lbs
4th Daryl Wuensche and Waylon Rawson at                  10.60 lbs
5th Joe Bill Hale and Cody Dane Hale                       9.89 lbs
6th Jacky Roberts and Brian Booker at                  9.69 lbs
7th Dale Read and Terry Valentino at                       9.34 lbs
8th Bill Guzman and Paulina Reyna at                      8.57 lbs
9th Daryl Price and Will Bernhard at                        8.42 lbs
10th Chad Sweazea and Clint Park at                      6.75 lbs
11th Soctt Richarte and Alan Taylor at                     5.83 lbs
12th Rance and Logan Rogers at                             4.44 lbs
13th Ron Seevers and Chuck Guthrie at                  4.42 lbs
14th Ron Sherrill and Mike Crate at                         4.14 lbs
15th Lee Smith and Mike Appleby at                        3.68 lbs
16th Tommy Roberts and Brad Payton at                 2.72 lbs
17th Colin Saunders and Ray Buerkle at                  2.70 lbs
18th Will Herring and Matt Summers at                   2.61  lbs
19th Nick and Johnny Boatright at                          2.54 lbs

Big Bass was 5.48lbs from Michael Roberts on the 2nd Place Team

1st  $1100 and $1500 Boat World Certificate
2nd $600
3rd $300
4th $150

Big Bass $75 and a new Stihl Chainsaw ($180 value)

Total Paid in = $3500    
Total in Payout (including certificate and value of chainsaw) = $3905

Total Fish Caught for the day was 64  weighing 137.24lbs
Total Released was 63 with a 98.4% release

Average fish per team was 1
Average weight per team was 3.92 lbs
Average weight per fish was 2.14 lbs

Money Raised for March of Dimes was just over $3000.  

Thanks so much for all of the sponsors, volunteers, anglers and everyone else who came out to enjoy the day.  Hope to see everyone again next year.

We have some pictures at
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