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March 16th Lake Austin 360 area with pictures

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Went out to Lake Austin and launched at the 360 bridge. I have a 1983 Skeeter with a Mercury 150. I got there around 9:45am, and started off fishing in the cove right there to the right next to the golf course. I caught all fishing on the fat Watermellon Red worms as well as the regular size Watermellon Seed worms. I picked up a 12 1/2 inch LMB, got a couple other little bites but nothing hit. I then tried fishing down on the docks to the right closer to Hula Hut and nothing, no bites or anything. I went ahead and wen to the docks on the opposite side of the bridge that is on the left around the bend. From fishing those docks I picked up 3 other nice keepers as well as one SMALL bass which was the same size as the worm I was using haha. Water tem was around 63.5. Had a great time, there werent many wakeboarding boats, but saw a decent amount of bass boats out.
Below are pictures I took off my phone, all were caught and released. Anyone else have any reports they could share? Thanks, I hope the pictures come out, havent ever posted pictures before.


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I had about the same luck today on LA. Picked up 6 with the biggest being about 2.5#--all on weightless Senkos around docks between 360 and ski shores. I tried CB's too but nothing was hitting them.
Great pictures ! Looks like you had a good day.
lurker here..fished LA for the first time since last summer. Our group had 6-7 fish today, all similar sizes to the ones posted above, largest one barely bumping 3 lbs 4 caught on t-rigged plastics, 2 on lipless cranks and 1 that came unbuttoned on a w-rig senko. Fished city park grass pretty much all day. Tried a few other spots, and only caught one of our fish up by steiner Temps were 64 just about everywhere we went, from hula hut on up to steiner.

hope this helps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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