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Sorry no pictures, but a fun morning.
I had to go to Walmart in
Marble falls to get tires so car will pass inspection, also oil change, etc etc so I head there around 5 a.m. ... started fishing 6 a.m. till 11 a.m.

Thinking I don't want to leave camera or fish in the car while I'm at Walmart later for hours, I only took rods and a little tackle.

Last night I had respooled all reels with 8 and 10 lb mono, cause I was catching nothing on 20 lb. and seemed tougher to cast (just put it on last week)

Hooked up 2 rods with "float n fly" hot pink maribou jig on one, chartreuse on the other

Both baby rattlesnakes were watermelon red flake
Hooked up 1 rod with shakyhead baby rattlesnake
Hooked up 1 rod wacky rigged baby rattlesnake on 1/0 GamaKatsu WG finesse weedless (which I'm headed to buy more in a minute from Mike at the highlander in Burnet)

I never caught anything before on float n fly, had those jigs for years, read about it yesterday, figured I'd try it ... something, no idea what,  took the float under, caught me under a rock n broke the line.... happened twice, once on each color (bought a bunch more at walmart later ... on closeout 25 cents per package)

ok now ... nothing on the shaky, but

I hooked into the biggest freshwater fish in my life on the wacky.... line had tangled, so instead of retreive, I let it sit and untangled, picked it up darn, musta hung a treelimb too, and zooom. It was a LMB, easily easily over 20" only seen ya'll pictures of this size before... I played him a while and dragged him up 3 times, then snap ... 8 lb line. this was 25 feet from the bank near the boat ramp, water depth about 15-18'

Was wishing at least I'd have taken camera that wouldda been a heckuva video.

More than likely, I'll be there tomorrow lol

I'll probably hit Buchanan in a couple hours though.... I'll report if I do, and take the camera.
I Never catch the freshwater big ones before, heck, If this is repeatable, I may try tournaments.... just usually I get 5 to 8 inch LMBs and release after I kiss and tickle them a while

float n fly worked in 3mph wind tiny wave jiggles made the jig work justsitting, , worm when it died to a glassy 0mph wind
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60777676607D7D61667760120 said:
How is the lake level now? Have finished refilling it yet?
yup it's refilled, maybe 6 inches low. ... and I now know who put cedar trees under their boat docks, and which post have them and which don't on fishing docks lol.

I tried last week, water was incredibly clear, fish spooked too easily, today water was beautiful, I'd still be there if I didn't need a car inspection.
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