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We were lazy and hit the lake about 9:30 am or 10 am. I was taking my buddy out to fish and he wanted to take his son, but could not pick him up till after 8am, so we got a late start.. heh

We tried to locate some whites, and found one. We hit the point going into Cypress Creek, caught one on accident.. lol

So, I figured to try some docks for crappie.

Well, I drop in a drop shot pumpkin in the first empty stall and pulled out a 3-4lb'r.. at least it looked like that, my scale was a cheapy and broken.

So.. the black bass was on.. heh

He broke the line just as I got him in the boat so I swapped over to a shakey-head baby rattlesnake.

I fished with this the rest of the day. Austin, the little boy...was out on a boat for the first time at age six and I must say did really well and even if he was not putting his minnow in the boat, he was kissing the fish we released and ready with the net.

Kenny pulled in a nice fish with black spots off of cypress creek (we moved back there after hitting a lot more dinks off the marine up on the right past Cypress.

We caught about 20+ dinks/borderliners.. and I pulled in one more good one off the banks of Cypress.

We were off the water about 3.. well, we were at Mansfield by 3:30.. and took us almost 45 minutes to get the boat out due to the lines.. heh

NO FISH WERE HURT in the making of these pictures...*snicker*


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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