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Loc: Mid-Lake and Muleshoe bend area
WT: 57-58
Time: 0930-1800
Water Clarity: Clear to Stained

Well, I didn't have a bag like some who fished Lake Austin. I did enjoy the day instead of sitting in a office. Started mid-lake and was not getting any bites. I was focusing on secondary points to back of coves throwing a crankbait, spinnerbait, rogue, and jig. There was quite of few boats out there and hitting mid-lake.

So I made the run up north and probe for new water. Arrived up at Muleshoe bend area and started fishing around 1300 in one northern cove. I had been skunked before this point with no bites. Pull into cove and caught one 2.5 and 2.1 chunks on spinnerbait right away. Start pitching a FB jig and slowed down after catching those two. Caught a 1.9 lb LM and then a few casts later, pitched to the other side of the cove and a nice 4.0 inhaled it. It was crazy, I caught 10.5 lbs in 30 minutes. Caught a few small fish and moved on. Didn't catch another keeper until 1700, when I caught another chunk 2.5 lb off a point on the bend. All fish caught in <10 FOW. Not a bad day...about 13 lbs. Nothing like Lake Ausitn but it was fun..

Gotta get off the forum...Bassmaster Classic is on!!!!!
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