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Here is an exerpt from Kevin Van Dam's Bass Strategies book. In this exerpt Kevin is talking about when he helps his brother clean the aquarium in his brother's takle store.

"The three and one-half food deep aquarium contains big bass and panfish caught from area lakes. Prior to cleaning, the bass are swimming around at all different levels. The moment we remove a half-inch of water, the bass go straight to the bottom and lay flat on their bellies. As the water level drops a foot, you can touch the bass with a stick and they won't move. That is an indication as to how inactive they become. It also explains why they're so difficult to catch when the water is falling."

I wonder if this is why Travis has become so difficult. There is a lot of water running out of the lake and has been for some time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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