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Hey, guys, I couldn't wait the whole week, so I had to go back out and do some yaking. I hit up Travis, near Gloster Bend yesterday evening, and fished from 6pm till dark.

I used nothing but Senko's weightless, and caught 4 right away, and ended up chatting with a neighbor for an hour and a half sitting in my yak, but once it got dark we went and hit up the lighted dock, and caught some huge whites, me and my buddy both left with 4 whites caught, in an hour, and came home. Didn't really catch anything that was of considerable size, until we caught the whites. They where more impressive than the Largemouth Bass we had caught.

I think that since the crazy weather has gone, It was super bright out, and hot, unlike last weekend. I found the fishing to be a lot easier, yesterday evening.
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