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Hey guys, just wanted to post my report for travis this last weekend. Last Monday, I finally bought a yak, so I don't have to borrow my friends. So we went to Travis, on the 19th, and did some fishing. And also went during the weekend, 8/22 till the 25th. I took my buddy with me, and we met up with two other friends, near Gloster Bend, and all four of us went out on the yak's and did some fishing.

The weather was Really Cloudy, with spontaneous showers, and cooler than normal, and it was actually pretty sweet, because we weren't in direct sunlight most of the time we fished. The weather was like this all weekend.

Since all four of us where fishing at the same time we had a lot of time to try out lures and such, and see what worked, and what didn't work. We found that the fishing was tougher than we thought, and few and far between. It seemed, like there was a bass every hundred yards or so. and most of them where deep. In the evenings, and in the mornings, they where just goin nuts hitting everywhere, it was pretty much cast wherever.

What Didn't Work.

Booyah, Boogie Bait, the white and Chartreuse color.
White and Chartreuse Spinner Baits
Stanley Bull Ribbit
Wave Worms

What worked.

Lake Fork Live Magic Shad, Red Flake (only worked well for me the first day)
Bass Magic, 3.5in, (Worked for a day also, on a different day)
Rapala Skitter Walk, Baby Bass
Zara Spook, shad colors, without the spot, can't remember which one it is, but I think it's the Trout one.

Had the most luck with these lures.

Senkos! they liked the senkos, Wacky, and weightless. I caught more on the 5in than the 4in, but they both worked, I actually drove 45 mins back to Austin, to get some more.
Zoom Fat Albert Grub, Salt and Pepper. (Worked even better once we started dipping the tails in Chartruse Dip and Glow).

Took a day to figure it out, but once we did we had some fun out on the lake, drinking frosty cold beverages.

I woke up early 8/22 through the 25th and was on the water before the sun came up, and there was a lot of topwater blowups all in my buddies cove, So I hit up the area with a Zara Spook because it was still dark, and caught one real quick, and then moved to a deeper area, and found a particular bank, that was getting hit more than the surrounding area, so I went across from that area real fast, to get out and stretch on a boat ramp. I fished the bank for about 15 mins or so, and got a bass real quick, and what got me to stop was a huge blowup that happened to be a Gar about 3 and a half feet long. and I lost my Spook, kinda sucked, because, that was the second lure I had lost to a gar on topwater. I lost one of my Rapala Skitter Walk's, the night before casting to a dock with a light on above where I was casting, and It was completely dark.

So after that, I tied on a Senko and went across to that area with a lot of action, and landed four bass, and the first two where nice, and fat, the first one was about a four pounder, and the other one was maybe 3 and a half. but the other two where dinks. It was a lot of fun getting towed around by the first two bass. Got the two nicest bass all weekend in two casts in a row. So that was cool with me.

Everybody caught fish, but it wasn't spectacular fishing for the amount of time spent on the water, everyone caught atleast 3 fish up to 6 in each fishing session, and we where fishing in the morning, and evenings, each session was four hours. So it was pretty slow fishing, except for Sunday morning when I nailed those four bass in just a few minutes. the rest of the time was spent chillin and joking with my 3 buddies on the water.

When it was dark enough we actually went to my buddies friends dock, and he's got a submerged light, and we did some drop down fishing with some white jigs, and caught some huge whites. and some descent largemouth. But that was like shooting fish in a barrel. They where everywhere...While we where there, we noticed that every single White bass that was swimming there was swimming upside down, and I have never seen that before and I wanted to mention it and see if anyone has ever seen that before. I mean Every white was upside down.

All in all it was a great weekend, because I'm glad I finally have my own kayak, and I'm now able to bring a friend with me to yak with from now on, so that's pretty sweet, now my buddy is hooked on yak fishing too. Hope my report helps some people out.

Thanks a bunch. ~David~
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