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Sorry for the late report, been busy.

Anyways, went fishing last night with Ranger_R77 for 3 hours. Had fun catching some bass and finding new spots.

Time fished: 6PM-9PM
Weather: 85-90 degrees, overcast
H2O: 72 degrees, CLEAR again, could see bottom without sunglasses and even with the cloudy skies.

Started out fishing a cove by my friends house, with only a few bluegill bites (one wasn't so lucky and got a hook in him ;D), and one Guadalupe bass right before we left.

Then, we moved to my favorite spot, and starting throwing cranks. We then started catching a bit more fish, and had a few doubles. DD-22's and Deep Little N's did the work.

The first fish I caught on the Deep Little N, had a leech on it. Found it funny how everyone was just talking about leeches in LT. Yes, they're there, and I have a pic.

Leech on the roof of the mouth

I then picked up my topwater and began firing away. Didn't take long before I got a blow up, but it wasn't much of a blow up. After what I think was a 2-3 second not so much of a battle, I landed the smallest bass I've ever caught. 5". :eek:

Fob, you got competition for the smallest bass! ;D


We motored back to Cypress, and fished by the ramp. Ranger_R77 caught the biggest fish of the trip on a topwater, right at dark.

Ranger_R77 with a nice LT bass

Thanks Robert for taking me, it's been awhile since we last fished. Gonna have to do it again soon.
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