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1000 to 1700
WT - 70-72
Clarity - stained to muddy
North of Lago Vista to Pace Bend area
Wind - North 20-25 mph

Focused on transition banks from bluffs to 45 deg bank from secondary points all the way to the back of coves. The area I was fishing was really stained to muddy.

Caught 4 keepers in all. 2 on med diving crankbait and 2 on jigs with the largest only going 2.1 lbs.

Caught about dozen fish total. Had numerous chasing the crankbait. Slowed down with the jig and caught two more keepers. That north wind was blowing pretty hard. Graphed shad around 10 to 15 ft. Shad were definitely not shallow due to the wind. Water temp still in the seventies however I am assuming it will be down to 69-70 by this weekend.

Enjoying my time off.
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