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Lake Travis - Anderson bend to Lago Vista area
Time: 1:00-5:00pm
Weather: blue-bird w highs in mid 30's, 15-20 W/NW wind.  
Water: Very Stained-Chalky , Surface temp 50-51

Well, i haven't posted in a while.  Thought I had a good pattern for the basschamps tournament so i didn't post much in Dec-Jan.  Of course, It's been awhile since I fished a big tournament and was humbled with the amount of boats on the water.  Caught 4 keepers but not the money...didn't even weigh in..good learning experience.  Will try May.

Anyway, I'm posting now.  Caught 3 keepers (all around 14-15") this afternoon with several smaller fish.  Focused on bluffs with wind - caught 1 keeper on 3/4 FB jig on 20" ledge.  Move to main lake point and  was amazed at the amount of fish on my graph.  Most were suspended - Caught one keeper on t-rig senko and few small fish in 35-40 FOW.  Watching my graph and putting bait on target. - Tried to focus on the suspended fish but no takers with spoon.  Moved to north cove and secondary point - Caught keeper on weighted senko in 30 FOW in channel leading to cove.  Working both t-rig senko and FB jig really slow.  Had several fish pick up the bait and drop.  A smaller presentation might have been better...  Was interesting fishing and seeing the snow on the banks.  Thought I was at Lake of the Ozarks.  

Good luck to all the LSS anglers tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I will be the chaperone for a slumber party with 9 year old girls.  good times...Next weekend, it's back on.  Lake Austin next friday!! and Travis on Sat.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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