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Here goes my first report in forever.

Weather: 78 degrees, 10-15MPH winds. Dry, but not humid (thankfully)
H2O: 69.8 degrees, slightly stained. Lake is 3' LOW.

Fished with AustinAgg. Launched from Cypress at 7PM, and fished till 8:45PM. Stayed in Cypress and didn't go past the marina.

Fished the bluff wall, and caught 2 bass. First time out of 20 tries we've caught a dang fish off that wall. Caught a dumb bluegill also on a TX-rig. ::)

Overall, we caught 6 or 7. Biggest was 2lbs.

All caught on the secret baits I bought at the bait shop at Lakeline Mall. ;) ;D
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