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1C26013D34211417342626550 said:
awesome report...very informative

No kidding. Why even bother? U would think he was fishing in the bassmasters classic.

On another note, I fished this past Sunday up the Colorado in a bunch of the coves. Best 5 would have gone 20lbs. We were beating the banks throwing weightless watermelon red Senkos, watermelon lizards carolina rigged, and small swimbaits. Tons of small fish along with 4 and 5lb fish. Caught about 10 fish from 3-5lbs...good stuff. One cove in particular held two of the 5 lb's a cove on the left side( going up river) that is blocked off towards the back with a couple of boat docks. Travis is fishing well right now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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