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AustinAgg and I went out to LT for a bit to try and catch some more whites/stipers, but could not find them this time. Good ting I brought the basss stuff. ;)

Weather: 75 degrees, WINDY. 25-30MPH winds
H2O: 61 degrees, and clear.

Got out at 6PM, and fished till around 8:45PM. Fished a little cove first, and picked up one 2lb. bass. Saw one cruising the shallows, but didn't land the bait near him.

Took a while to get another bite. Actually, my next bite came on the last cast. Caught this chunky 3lb. LT bass, which SoCalBass's TOAD would eat! :eek:

3lb. LT night fish

Might go on Thursday, not sure
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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