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Fished in the morning from 6-10 out of the canoe with my brother. The first few hours we changed things up pretty well (maybe too much) but only ended up with 3 fish total - 2 LMB with the biggest being under 2lbs and a pretty large crappie that hit a superfluke on dropshot at 25ft - never caught one on a dropshot before.

The last hour we caught 8 LMB all on wacky for 11 fish total. I remembered a thread a while back talking about the wacky rig which I had never really tried. No fish over 2lbs but man it was fun! They were all about 2-5ft deep around boat docks and just nailed it as soon as it got to that depth.

Was a great day on the lake and we saw a number of guys that all said they were having a decent day as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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