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Fished LT today from about 11 to 4:30 give or take. It was pretty hot today. Lot's of fun today, caught some fish, only 4 keepers, but the highlight of the day, was my GF catching her new PB.  21.25inches, and 5.5lbs She was fat, and wasn't spawned out yet. Kinda funny, she'll catch and dehook, and hold fish, but didn't wanna hold that one. I said, you have too, it's a new PB. lol.  

She's pretty open to learning, more so than others, I've noticed, which is great. It's pretty awesome when your lady is the one saying, let's go fishing all the time. Works out pretty well.

Not even 20 minutes before she said, I just wanna catch a big one, and I said, you will soon. It was pretty exciting to see her land this fish. The pics just don't do it justice.

Awesome day. That's what it's all about.
Looking forward to the Bass-O-Ree this Sunday. Can't wait.
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