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Well fished Travis for the first time yesterday evening from about 5:00-dark. We put in at Sandy Creek after going to Cypress and being told the trailer parking was full :mad: Once finally on the water I started throwing a suspending Xcaliber jerkbait and started catching fish right off the bat. I think I ended up with 6 fish or so in the first little area we stopped in 15 minutes into the trip. When they would slow down I would cast out the brush hog and fish it nice and slow and catch another one. Once the action slowed in the first spot we worked our way down the creek casting about a foot off the bank and working the bait all the way back to the boat. We boated a few more this way before calling it a day right before it got dark. I had a great time for my fisrt time on the lake boating around 12 fish. All the fish were keepers although they were on the small side. Did catch some of those fiesty Guadalupes also. I had one fish about 3-4lbs before he gave me a nice little tail dance and threw the hooks.
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