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LT 2/23

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Fished out around Pace Bend yesterday from 2pm to 5pm.  

Overcast skies with some drizzle and the wind started off light and picked up later in the afternoon.  

The air temperature was around 70 degrees, and the water temperature was 57 degrees according to  The water was fairly clear.

I fished around the coves in and around the branches along the bank in around 5 fow.

Now for the fun part... One fat, healthy female on a white spinnerbait fished really slow.  Saw fish breaking the water so I switched to a buzzbait.  Hooked one small bass but it came off.  I'm pretty sure the fish that were breaking the surface were carp anyway.  Switched to a watermelon/purple red flake worm and threw it into the branches and pulled up four more, one was another fat female and the others were thinner.

Four of the five fish were over 14 inches though, which to my understanding is rare for LT.

Hope you guys are having some luck too!  I'm glad I can finally contribute a fishing report aside from "I got skunked again"
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Nope they have been pulling some hogs out of that lake past few weeks....
Thanks for the report! I'll be at the upper end tomorrow for the first time this year.
thanks for the report. Always glad to hear we are catching bass on LT.
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