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Good to see there is another forum out there. I used to view however; things slowed down on that forum for some reason.

Anyway, good to back and fshing in March on Travis. I have been away for three springs due to deployment and work overseas.


2:00-6:00pm, Strong south wind. WT 59-60 Fished Lago Vista to Anderson Bend. Focused on pres-spawn....Turn and burn with Rattletrap and Rogue. Managed 11 fish, best five around 10 lbs the usual on travis. Looking for the feeding female to no avail. Fish caught on Main lake and secondary points 5-15 fish. Caught one solid 3 lb on 3/8 oz brown jig on 20' ledge.


1:30-330pm, Calm WT 60-61 Fished around the Point Venture and Siesta Shores. Pick up one at Siesta Shores on Chrome Rogue in 10-15' off secondary point. At my neighborhood park, Pt Venture, there is a slough just south of the PT Venture Park were I put in....The slough's surface temp was >64 in the back of the cove. Large amount of algae/duckweed growing on the shoreline. There were several males cruising some between ~12-15". I did hook a few of the males on finesse worms, sight fishing. Lost a large fish I could not see, broke 8lb test...No patience...pulled too hard. Oh well. Love springtime.

Good to be back during primetime. ;D Look forward to sharing some of my experience on LT.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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