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Hey guys, figured I'd post my report for this week.

I was on Travis the 29th, and did well, went for an evening session, and got on the water about 1pm and fished till dark. Not bad fishing at all. I wanna say it was slow, but it wasn't the fish where stacked. We would fish for awhile, and catch one, and stay in that general area and most of the spots, like that, we would pull another 1 or 2 bass, ended up with 15 fish for the day. Caught one on a DD22, another on the Biggest H20 Crank they make, can't remember what kind it is. And a couple on a smaller H20 crank, all Firetiger colored. 4 fish on Dropshot. And the rest where on Shaky head.

The next day was even better, I took the same tackle I used the previous day, and did the same thing, hit up the same spots, and did even better this day. 17 total fish in another evening session. And even found some more brush piles that day, and stopped what I was doing to fish them, and pulled 3 fish off one brush pile in about 15 foot of water. Two of those 3 fish where keepers. and both where over 3 lbs, one was 4 lbs, and the other was 3 1/4lbs, and my buddy pulled the other fish out of it. The 4lber got wrapped up in the brush and I had to troll up to him and unwrap him from the brush and thankfully my line didn't break, I was sure it was going to..( Good Old Seaguar)

After catching those fish we decided to try that pattern out, and ended up working, All fish caught this day where on Shaky head, Dropshot wasn't working out at the time. I even Saw a beaver that day, (Positive it wasn't a Nutrea Rat). So that was pretty cool.

After those two days, I established a pattern, and the winning pattern was answering my phone. Seemed like all I had to do is talk on speaker phone and I'd catch a fish. EXCEPT when Jukebox called. lol.

Nah, but seriously, the pattern we went with, that seemed to work at the time, was fishing in the coves. We noticed that anywhere there was a bend in a cove and there where rocks that have fallen off the cliff into the water. Anywhere like that in a bend that made the transition from deep to shallow, anywhere like that, it seemed we where catching fish. But like I said the fish are stacked so you'd fish the whole bend and pull two or 3 fish off it, and then we would go to another spot.

I was trying to cover a lot of water at the time looking for new structure to fish, because I got a Lowrance GPS fish finder just before Christmas and put it on my jon boat. So I was fishing, but looking for new stuff at the same time, and fishing new areas, and ended up paying off. I just had to resist the temptation to use another lure, but that day, it was nothing but the shaky head,

And wow, this weather lately has just been phenomenal.

OK, so on the 1st, I went back to do the exact same thing I did the last trip out, and NADDA.... I mean Nadda. zip. ZERO fish in the boat. except one white bass, and we had to cheat to get that one, we got on a buddies lighted dock, and to my surprise, I saw GIGANTIC Striper's about a dozen, but I was out of white jigs, and all I had tied up was a dropshot, so I stuck that in and sunk it to the bottom cause I didn't want that weight sitting there with the submerged light. I missed a bite, and my buddy is the one who caught the white, with a white fluke jr. When he put that thing in the water all the fish just converged on it, and one of the whites snatched that fluke right out front of a striper, that I would estimate about 30 inches.And there where some bigger ones there, I just couldn't believe how they where sticking around this long, and they took off when we caught that white, so we left too. I hadn't ever seen the Striper hanging around his dock like that. It was the fist hour of dark when we saw em.

What a day, I never thought I'd say that I got skunked on Travis. But that's the second time this year. :mad:

So after getting skunked on Travis that day I figured it can't get worse than that, So I figured I'd go to LA today 1bite
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