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LT - 11 SEP

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Fished 0730 to 1200
then 1730 to 2100
Surface Temp: 83 in morning to 86 afternoon

Early morning bite was nice as I caught 4 LM on a Spook.  All around 13-14 inches.  After 0930 caught a few dinks on shakey head fishing deep docks.  Felt like July out there with the heat and boats.

The evening I caught two keeper LM on Fat Lips and DD22 on a secondary point/ledge.  Search around on points and ledges but no more takers.  Finished up fishing lighted dock and caught two more keepers, with the biggest going about 2.5 lbs.  These two LM caught on the docks were healthy and fat.  They were engorged from feeding near the lights.  

Been struggling to find good patterns other then Summer Docks in 30+ and some deep ledges.  Ready for the Temp to change.  It was hot last night.  You could really feel the heat from the water.  Ready for October and November when the shad start movin up.
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Thanks for the report.
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