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Launched from Mansfield about 9 am - got a suntan and a skunk. Too nice outside I guess, or the fish were tailgating :mad: Started out with white willowleaf spinners on Sometimes Island there near the ramp, saw some schooling fish, looked gar-ish, couldn't really tell. Tried graphing schooling whites as well on Cypress Creek and below the Oasis per Ranger R77's recommendation - graphed fish above 'treeline' there at 40-50 ft suspending on a 100 ft depth, but jigging spoons wouldn't entice. I need to go get some shakyhead rattlesnakes I reckon for the lmb.

Three guys in a black Ranger boat headed out when I was docking my white BlueWave, was that Moonraker? Hope you had better luck this afternoon...calm as could be at 1 pm when I left.
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