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LT 11-07-10

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First let me say hello. This is my first post here. Beautiful day on the lake, with the exception of late day heavy wind. We boated 43 bass and a chunk of catfish on soft plastics. Fish were 16-24 ft and all huggin the bottom. Had to slow preasantation way down and color was key. Nothing over 2.5lbs besides the catfish.
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Welcome, sounds like a good day on the water!
Welcome and thanks for your report!
Travis is know for it's numbers. It's a good time to be on the water.
Welcome to ABF! There are some great people on this forum and some great advice!

Clancy W
Welcome to the forum!!! Sounds like Travis is heating up... Finally! :cool:
I can second that last post, a lot of great people and some dang good fishermen ;)
Thanks for the welcome. I started posting on another forum, but didnt feel any connection, as few were from Austin. Yes I love to fish Amistad and Falcon, but with work and kids and life, its much easier to fish local. Really like the openess here. Also alot of good advice being handed out instead of lock jaw fluff reports. Glad to now be a part of it! :)
Well, at least you know not to report the color of your worm ;D Welcome -

Today, looks like a great day to get out. Pre-frontal is always my favorite. Now, is it gonna be Lake Austin or Lake Travis?

Can't beat Austin, TX!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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