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I wanted to fish the tournament but couldn't do it this weekend. Next weekend I will be out fishin. Travis is getting better every year on the size and health of the fish. I lived on Travis since 2003 and I've seen the stringers getting heavier over the years.

I work with a couple of fisheries biologists and one suggests the influx of more runoff from gold courses and lawns from all the development has enriched the water with nutrients; therefore adding to the health and population of plankton and then baitfish..subsequently gamefish. Makes sense but it's just one opinion.

I'm ready for next spring and fishing some tournaments. No more deployments as I'm getting out of the reserves and getting serious about fishing. Two tours is enough...

Thanks for the update on the T and congrats on you catch. 12lbs is a good catch for Travis. The last T I fished on Travis back in 2004, we won with 14 lbs in Jan... now it takes 20 lbs. that's good... I've caught a 7.1 and 6.4 this fall already. Travis is getting better every year.
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