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Hey guys, we where determined to do some fishing, regardless of the weather conditions. And we hit the water before the sun came up, I don't know what time exactly, but the water was 76 degrees or so, and it was WINDY, and COLD!  We put in at Point Venture.  And fished the points, and under docks in coves.

I've gotta say it was some tough fishin.  Just because of the wind mainly. Managed to get 8 in the boat, and lost a few dinks.  We all caught fish on Shad colored Flukes, and 4 in, Chartreuse Kanimi Baits, and used a weighted hook for both of them, and it worked great.

Can't wait to do it again on Saturday. Except hoping for better conditions.  

Don't know where the worms came from. But, there where about 5 left and they where alive after 3 weeks, so I took one, and chunked it into the water by the dock at Point Venture, and caught this guy, tooks some pics, and let him go. And went back to bassin. He's fat from that resturant food.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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