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Beautiful Day!!! Got kinda hot there for a little while. Went and hit up my spots on LT today, and fish some brush piles and rock structures that I regularly fish. Fished with a shakyhead all day.

Caught a lot of dinks. Two Keepers.
3 1/4lbs.

This guy was just under 5lbs.

Hooked into two other really nice fish. One got tangled in a bunch of brush, and couldn't get to him fast enough... :-? I don't think the line woulda broke if I still had the 12lb Seaguar on my spinning rod. I just replaced it yesterday...>_<

And the other really nice fish I lost halfway to the boat. both really nice fish, both 5's or close to it. Best day out on Travis in awhile.

Water temp was 60 degrees.
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