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Fished Travis today from 7 'til Noon.  
Put in at Cypress Creek, fished that area up into Sandy Creek
Water temp 67-70
Stained, visibility to 8'

Boated about 20 fish; about 18 LMB, 2 White Bass, and a 4' Spotted Gar.  No keepers out of the LMB.  
Found LMB and Whites pushing glass minnows to the surface in Cypress Creek early on.  Caught about 10-12 on Rattle Trap and Spinner Bait.  Moved a bit and had a hard time getting bit.

Found our bite again on wind-blown points with bait stacked on them.  Caught another 8-10 on Wacky-rigged Senko and Spinnerbait.

Spotted gar bit on a Rattle Trap.

Typical day on Travis with all the unders I guess.  Still a beautiful day on the lake.  

Take care,

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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