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Time: 1600 to 2100
Water Temp: 85-87

Caught 3 guads on spinnerbait in deep cove with break going from 5 to 20.  Caught 1 guad on DD22 on point.  Then 1 guad and 1LM with spinnerbait on deep dock +50 ft.  

At dusk caught 1 guad on spook.  Then around 2100 caught two keeper LM on T-rig baby brush hog near lighted dock.

Found some baitfish on one main lake point around 15 ft but only caught one guad near the school.  There is so much water to fish.  Having a hard time finding the baitfish this year.  I'm a little rusty since I've been away for a year.  I fished this this lake since 2003 and the lake level is very nice this time of year.

Love the fall.  Very few boats out compared to last weekend.  Watch two 6 point and one nice 8 point bucks rubbing brush near the shoreline of Point Venture.  Nice and peaceful... No wakeboarders blaring Snoop Dogg...nothing wrong with Snoop... but it's so loud on the lake.

Anyway, had a good time junk fishing at the end but will hit it in the morning and see If I can find a pattern.

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